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Genevieve “Gen” Lyger is 22, right out of college and determined to “make it” in the entertainment industry. She’s ambitious, deeply cynical, and suspicious of phonies and fakers.

She wants to succeed on her own terms… and unwinds by indulging in copious amounts of Tinder and tequila shots.

Kari Hunt is 45, daughter of El Andoo royalty and a trailblazing producer & director in her own right. In recent years, she’s become disillusioned with the “system” and has started developing independent projects that serve her agenda. She’s charismatic, jaded, and doesn’t take shit from anyone.


But her production company, Force Features, hasn’t made a feature film in years… Maybe she still has something to prove after all.

Padma Delshad is 31, a promising young attorney who works 80-hour weeks at El-A’s top entertainment firm. She’s the daughter of alien immigrants who earned her way into the planet’s finest schools and boardrooms. She’s up at 4:30 a.m. She’s going to spin class and yoga class in designer spandex. She’s taking depositions, winning in court, and writing high-stakes briefs. She’s type-A, perfect-looking, and smart as hell.


Padma’s professional chops contrast painfully with her personal life. You can thank her shitbag boyfriend Andy. 

Day (no last name) is about 18. She’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma with no fixed address or Social Security number… inhumanly strong and with a gift for fixing broken machines.


Day loves shiny objects, sunny days, and her trusty stick. Ask her about her past, and she’ll happily start to tell you…. until she gets distracted by the next car/dog/color/texture/experience/cloud/etc.

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